Climate Change and Biodiversity Working Group

The Climate Change and Biodiversity working group was established after the resolution at Full Council passed on 21 May 2019

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The group is supported by the Lead Officer Drew Powell, Director of Governance and Assurance and the Climate Change Specialist, Adam Williams.

The Terms of Reference below outline the role and responsibilities of the Working Group, and were set at the first meeting of the Group on 17 September 2019

Terms of Reference for the Group

1. To coordinate the Councils response to the motion carried at the Full Council on 21 May 2019 declaring that ‘The West Devon Borough Council recognises that we have a ‘Climate Change and Biodiversity Emergency’.

2. To oversee the development and implementation of an Action Plan in response to (1) above.

3. To oversee the development and implementation of a communications strategy to support the above including considering the best methods for consulting with stakeholders and the wider community on the response and action plan.

4. To contribute towards and consider any reports to the Hub and/or Council as appropriate, from the Lead Member for the Environment (?), and within the scope  of the working group. 

5. Climate Change and Biodiversity Working Group fully considers the current use by this Council of such chemicals, alternative working practices and the impact and potential consequences of a ban in its report to Council in December 2019.” The Council acknowledges legitimate concerns about the use of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.


Out of Scope

Policies already adopted through Council, for example, Joint Local Plan.


  • Proposals arising from the Working Group may have significant financial implications and impact on other corporate priorities 

  • Proposals arising may duplicate wider emerging County/National initiatives

  • Risk of loss of reputation if response to Climate Emergency is ineffective and/or delayed.


Frequency of Meetings

Group to meet monthly with additional meetings if requested by Members, and notes will be made available