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Land Use and Biodiversity

Latest Update
Securing tree planting through development proposals and Biodiversity Net Gain from new development.
Clear numbers now in a newly adopted Supplementary Planning Document for tree replacement.
Defra has now released version 3.0 of the Metric, along with a 'minor applications' metric. The Environment Bill has now (in November 2021) received royal assent
Support more approaches by communities for tree planting on our land where there aren’t any trees and is consistent with land use.
Investigate the creation of a formal system whereby someone with an ability to pay for the upfront cost of planting and a contractual arrangement for West Devon to manage as part it’s a new grounds maintenance scheme.
Officers are developing proposals for natural regeneration on over 5ha of land at two Council owned sites which will incldue applications to the Forestry Commission's Woodland Creation Offer grant
Develop and adopt a more biodiversity/ environmentally conscious Grounds Maintenance procedure.
A new grounds maintenance procedure is in preparation
A review of the Grounds Maintenance specification underway with a view to a more biodiverse conscious approach
Pushing tree planting agenda within Neighbourhood Plans and supporting mapping of local ecological networks and corridors within neighbourhood plans
Climate Change and Biodiversity Strategy to be sent to Neighbourhood Plan groups to deliver on actions and provide advice on how to apply findings from the Devon Nature Recovery Network process.
Aim to develop and adopt a Natural Environment Design Guide to support Development Management proposals
Investigate and review during the Joint Local Plan Review stage and using the outcomes from the Nature Recovery Network Project.
This is now an Interim Devon Carbon Plan proposal (action F2) - Develop a Biodiversity Net-Gain Supplementary Planning Document that can be adopted by local planning authorities
Ring-fencing and promoting a % of Members grant schemes (SCLF/Localities Fund) towards tree planting schemes for community groups, Town and Parish Councils, or money towards a Tree Planting Grant Scheme
Investigate options with a view to developing a formal process and framework
Report at the end of 2021
Establish natural coastal and flood management approaches to increase carbon sequestration, reduce erosion, and deliver improved catchment management.
Investigate how the Council can influence this and establish what direct actions the Council can take and what actions the Council can contribute to, for example through partnerships
The Tamar Valley AONB led TAMARA project is working with farmers and landowners, seeking to mitigate climate change and improve water quality and the surrounding water environment
Investigate the potential to apply a % management fee to offsite compensation/Biodiversity Net Gain payments (via s106) to part-fund a new/existing role.
Review in 2021 once a fund of Biodiversity Net Gain Payments has built.
Officers are working with counterparts in other Devon LPAs with respect to a guidance document on Biodiversity Net Gain to assist with a clear and consistent approach.
New development led by West Devon Borough Council to aim to be exemplar (e.g. Building with Nature, bird and bat boxes, good design with GI, etc.).
Contribute to the creation of a Devon Nature Network and assist with the recovery of Devon’s biosphere.
Enable landowners to express an interest in hosting biodiversity net gain initiatives related to development. Potentially allocate land for Carbon Sequestration as part of Joint Local Plan Review
The North Devon Biosphere have done some initial work on setting up a Natural Capital Marketplace as a means of linking landowners with sites that could facilitate nature recovery/carbon sequestration, with developers/LAs/companies that are looking to offset/invest. Officers will monitor.
WDBC engages with members of the public and farmers to look at alternatives to using herbicides and pesticides (in particular glyphosate).
To form part our communications and outreach work in the first instance
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