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Latest update
Investigate procuring truly renewable energy
Discussions with community energy providers and Western Power Distribution
On going, we now have a direct contact and participated in a WPD consultation session in September. Devon County Council working with Regen to scope a Devon renewable energy tarrif. Officers to monitor and keep pace
Review strategic scale solar, wind and hydro energy for both commercial and community energy development
Investigate the allocation of land for renewable energy production within the Joint Local Plan Area. This work will require a call for sites which could take place alongside the plan review. Investigate issues and capacity for hydropower in West Devon.
Preliminary work underway and brief developed for potential Joint Local Plan allocations ready for tenderOngoing
Explore forming a non-profit green energy company and understand the capacity of renewable energy generation in the area.
Discussions with Western Power Distribution and other stakeholders to determine the actions required to increase local network resilience to increaserenewable energy capacity in West Devon as a basis for form a green energy company.
Identify options for how smart renewable heat, power generation and storage could be consider when the Joint Local Plan is reviewed.
Appraise potential for low carbon heat networks, heat pumps and hybrid boilers. Monitor funding opportunities to commission and collaborate on future appraisals.
Pre-feasibility work identified as next step. Discussion with Local Enterprise Partnership and Growth Hub being progressed to identify a funding source for it to be commissioned at the appropriate time.
Aim for a higher result in the energy performance certificates.
Continue to apply the new guidance on Policy DEV32 with the JLP Supplementary Planning document. Review and set up a monitoring scheme
Policy DEV32 plus initiative started to develop a planning guidance to increase the requirement of developments to meet or exceed DEV32
Promote and administer grants for home insulation, efficient heating systems and sustainable energy sources for owner occupied and tenanted properties.
Raise awareness for grant schemes and the Solar Together scheme as part of a Climate Change communication strategy involving newsletters, web and social media.
Ongoing - review yearly
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