Climate Change and Biodiversity Emergency

After Devon County Council declared a Climate Emergency on 21 February 2019, the Devon Emergency Response Group was formed, which will facilitate effective action across a broad partnership.


WDBC signed up to the Devon Climate Declaration and declared a Climate Change and Biodiversity Emergency on 21 May 2019.

What does this mean?

A Declaration of Climate Emergency is a resolution passed by a governing body such as a council or even a national government. It puts the government on record in support of emergency action to reverse global warming.

In declaring a Climate Change and Biodiversity Emergency, West Devon Borough Council is recognising that urgent action needs to be taken to reduce carbon emissions and protect ecosystems and wildlife.

We will develop an action plan outlining how the Council will meet, or exceed, the UN's IPCC carbon reduction recommendations. A working group has been established to develop the action plan and bring recommendations to the Council and Executive.

You can find out more about the working group, and the Devon Climate Declaration using the links below: